Optimization of Helic, Opter Rotor Blade by Using Ansys Software

pinintisairam Reddy, S Mohan Kumar, B Nageshwara Rao


The blade of the helicopter was affected by flow of air. The effects or loads caused by both aerodynamic action and centrifugal action are considered for analysis of the blade. The objective is to reduce the weight of the blade to reduce the load caused by aerodynamic load. The weight of the blade can be reduced by choosing of alternative material. Selection of alternative material (i.e. to reduce the weight) is called as optimization. The alternative material should have less weight and high stiffness. The optimization can be done by CAE package.

The objective of the project is to perform the structural analysis on the helicopter blade. Structural analysis involves both static and modal analysis. In static analysis, deflections and stresses are documented for forces due to aerodynamic action of the blade. Then modal analysis is performed to determine the natural frequencies. Based on the natural frequencies, the stiffness of the material can be determined. The structural analysis of the blade is performed for different materials (aluminum alloy and Eglass Epoxy and Carbon Epoxy materials). Based on the analysis results, best material is preferred. NX-CAD software is used to model the blade and ANSYS software is used for analysis of the blade.

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