Doklam Dispute: A Threat to South Asian Security

Braham Parkash


Today Doklam dispute has been acknowledged as a major controversy between India and China. In June 2017 it became a critical issue between the armed forces and China.  When China made an attempt to make a road from Yadong further Southward on the Doklam Plateau, India opposed it and Bhutan also supported India’s step. Unlike China and Bhutan, India does not have a claim on Docklam; however, India supports Bhutan on friendly grounds. On 18th June 2017 Indian troops apparently crossed into the territory in dispute between China and Bhutan in an attempt to prevent the road construction. It raised critical situation for China and it opposed India’s effort to stop her constructing road infrastructure in the Docklam region. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the fact that India is right and it is very essential for her security and peace in South Asian region. However, very recently both the countries have reached on a solution and both of them have decided to retreat their troops from the disputed region. The present research paper highlights some security imperatives for India regarding the Docklam region. 

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