Balloon Energised Internet Access in Remote and Rural Regions



At present we watch for the service of Internet Service Providers to connect us to the universal network. The telephone companies or the telecommunication operators provides this kind of service for us. This is accessible to only one out of three in the world's population . The remaining people are not able to get internet access. It is not an easy task to lay  the telecommunication lines all around the world to give internet connection everywhere . Since the developing countries cannot spend such a huge sum of money to lay fiber cables,   this will not   be the optimal solution. To provide internet facility in remote places and rural  areas, we need  a high altitude platform. Google came up with a innovative solution to use balloons to  supply internet connection in remote regions. Balloons are used for numerous purposes but here it is used  to provide internet connection in faraway regions. This project is a network of balloons floating in the stratosphere. It  acts as a  wireless station and provides  internet service to the rural areas and remote regions in a cost-effective manner.

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