A Secure Multi Copy Dynamic Data Posession Using Proxy Server in Cloud Computing

N. Sravya, G. Vijay Kumar


Now-a-days organizations are moving towards storing their knowledge in cloud servers provided by the cloud service suppliers (CSPs) thus on cut back the strain placed on their company servers. During this paper, we have a tendency to propose storing the info in cloud by cacophonous the file into totally different components and storing them in several servers. The value required in storing the info move into multiple components is low compared to storing multiple copies of information file. This fashion of storing multiple components of a file additionally ensures that associate offender doesn't get his hands on the entire file. The file cacophonous technique is employed for cacophonous the file into multiple components. Throughout the retrieval of the file it's rejoined by the merging the split file components. Within the planned system, file sharing is additionally created safe by verification of the file requestor before the file is shared.  For associate redoubled level of quantitative, convenience, and sturdiness, some customers might want their knowledge to be replicated on multiple servers across multiple knowledge centers. during this paper, we have a tendency to propose a map-based demonstrable multi copy dynamic knowledge possession (MB-PMDDP) theme that has the subsequent features: 1) it provides associate proof to the shoppers that the CSP isn't cheating by storing fewer copies; 2) it supports outsourcing of dynamic knowledge, i.e., it supports block-level operations, like block modification, insertion, deletion, and append 3) it permits licensed users to seamlessly access the file copies keep by the CSP. in addition we have a tendency to show the safety against colluding servers, and discuss a way to determine corrupted copies by slightly modifying the planned theme.

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