Comparison of Carbon Graphite Piston with Grey Cast iron and cast alloy steel by using Static Analysis method with pressure applied on piston.

Jatender Datta, Sahib Sartaj Singh


The main objective of this research work is to investigate and analyze the stress distribution of piston at actual engine condition. In this paper static analysis with pressure applied on the top of piston head is done on different materials of piston as carbon graphite, grey cast iron and cast alloy steel. The parameter used for the analysis is operating gas pressure, temperature and material properties of piston. In I.C. Engine piston is most complex and important part therefore for smooth running of vehicle piston should be in proper working condition. Piston fail mainly due to mechanical stresses and thermal stresses. Analysis of piston is done with boundary conditions, which includes pressure on piston head during working condition .The 3D model is created using Solidworks software and FEA work is done in Solidworks simulation module.

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