Development of Vocabulary Young Learners

Nadia Hamzah Kareem


The study presents the techniques for development of vocabulary for young learners in Iraq. The present study deals with the importance of using activities as a new technique in language teaching English language learners faced many problem remembering the huge vocabulary, which is very much necessary to achieve fluency. This project work will help students to improve their vocabulary learning and speaking skills.Language is a method for expression. We express our sentiments, feelings, considerations, needs, wishes and so on in words, images and motion which is considered as language. Language can be characterized as verbal, physical, biologically natural, and a fundamental type of communication. An essential question emerges here, is it important to find out about the culture of the objective language to secure English as a remote or second language? There are incredible discourses by numerous researchers and analysts on this point for a considerable length of time. This article goes for characterizing culture, its association with language and what part it plays in instructing and learning English as a remote or second language. This likewise shed light on the most proficient method to show culture in English language classroom. The study proposes a qualitative and quantitative study on the techniques applied for developing vocabulary among Iraq youth. The study undertakes twenty participants and questionnaire is conducted for them to present the analysis results.

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