Analysis of Urban Streets in Indian Context and It’s Statis and Dynamic Conditions

Paruchuru Anil Kumar, Thumu Venkateswara Reddy


 In India, condition of traffic due to various kind of vehicles maneuvering with different lane behavior and driver behavior resulting in supremely heterogeneous nature due to their static and dynamic features. Currently the traffic on the road rises rapidly and traffic volume overdoes normal limit. Study of several features of highway traffic is essentially required for preparation, design and maneuver of roadway facilities. For the improved vehicular road traffic it needs better roadway structure with greater capacity. An intension of this work is to analyze capacity for urban roads in heterogeneous condition. For the capacity estimation it is relatively tough to estimate traffic volume on the road. The problem of measuring flow may addressed by using Dynamic PCU values. The Capacity of urban roads is find out by green shield model and the results are compared with Microscopic simulation model. The sudden increase in width of lane on the road is checked and result shows that with the increase in road width Capacity of road also increases.

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