Design of Improved Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images

M. RamaRao, P. Kumaraswamy


Recently, different techniques are available for data hiding. When to send some confidential data overinsecure channel it is mandatory to embed data in some host or cover media. While sending secure data using covermedia it necessary to encrypt as well as compress the cover media after compression embed confidential data.Reversible data hiding techniques are deployed in order to achieve the lossless and high quality embedding of very large images. It also ensures that the extraction of embedded information isdone the received images matches the original one. There are two sides to Reversible data hiding method. Separable Reversible data hiding and Non-Separable Reversible data hiding. This paper deals with the conceptof Reversible data hiding ,classification of Reversible data hiding, performance parameters to check the quality of Reversible data hiding methods and survey on various techniques developed by many researchers.

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