Managing Balanced Life Through Gorakh Sutras

Anju Ahuja, Markanday Ahuja, Aman Vashisth, Jaspreet Bajaj


Stephen Covey (1989) described the concept of “sharpening the saw”. After repeated use, poor and improper care, a saw will come blunt, dull and unable to perform its function of cutting wood. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to cut down a tree with blunt and dull saw? It can just be same with us if we do not take care of ourselves and live a balanced life. We become like the blunt saw and are not able to effectively tackle all the tasks that surround us. Gorakshnath about 1200 years ago started a new sect which is called Nath Sect. He professed and propogated Hath Yoga. His sermons are described as Gorakh vaani. What he said about 12 centuries ago still holds good. This paper discusses and analyses the sayings of Guru Gorakshnath in light of modern day cut throat, competitive world leadership skills and traits.

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