Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel STATCOM with Fuzzy Logic

K Sanjeev Kumar, J Deepthi, P Shravani


This Paper concentrated on the static compensator utilizing  a  two  level  cascaded  multi level inverter implemented for reactive power compensation. The technique consisting of two level designed   inverters   are   integrated   in   cascaded manner with help of open ended windings from the three phase transformer. The capacitor acts as a dc- link capacitance which is used to control the generation  of  voltage  from  the  STATCOM.  Here fuzzy logic controller which is used to control and regulate the generation of voltage levels from the STATCOM by the fuzzy rules and conditions. The simulink models are tested and verified within the MATLAB/SIMULINK. The implemented models are controlled  and  compensated  the  abnormal conditions to  normal  conditions. The  presence  of Fuzzy controller the disturbances normalized which enhances system performances

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