A High Step up Converter for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Generation System

G Harika, Radhika Sharma, Mandha Vinesh


A high step up converter is proposed for grid connected photovoltaic generation system.An asymmetrical interleaved technique is proposed for high step up gain with high efficiency.A high step-up converter adopts boost converter with interleaved mode and a coupled inductor to increase its step-up voltage ratio. The interleaving technique connects the converter in parallel to share the power flow, this reduce the size , weight, and volume of the inductors and capacitors.Without using of high duty ratio this converter achieves a high step-up voltage-conversion ratio through a coupled inductor and the converter. The boost converter is placed in the first phase to achieve a higher voltage conversion ratio. This two phase formation is used to reduce the current stress, current ripple and also the conduction losses of metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFET). The Conversion efficiency is high because the leakage inductances are recycled to the output terminal. The main requirements of this Pv application is small ripples in the generator and load as well as high voltage conversion ratio.

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