Performance & Analysis of Voltage Controlled DSTATCOM Using External Inductor

B. Nagamalleswari, B. Vijaya Kumar


This project proposes the Design of External Inductor for Improving Performance of DSTATCOM with Fuzzy Logic for better Voltage regulation& harmonic reduction. A DSTACOM is used for load voltage regulation and its performance mostly is contingent upon the feeder impedance and its nature (resistive, inductive, stiff, non stiff). On the other hand, a study for investigating voltage regulation performance of DSTATCOM with Fuzzy Logic depending upon network parameters is not well defined. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive study of design, operation, and flexible Fuzzy Logic control of a DSTATCOM operating in voltage control mode. A detailed analysis of the voltage regulation capability of DSTATCOM under various feeder impedances is presented. Then, a benchmark design procedure to compute the value of external inductor is presented. A dynamic reference load voltage generation scheme is also developed, which allows DSTATCOM to compensate load reactive power during normal operation, in addition to providing voltage support during disturbances. Simulation results validate the effectiveness of the proposed Fuzzy Logic scheme.

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