Design And Implementation Of Dual Voltage Source Inverter Using Fractional Order Pid Controller

E. Rajendra, N. Rajeshkumar Gowd, P. Shashavali


This paper presents a dual voltage source inverter (DVSI) scheme with Fractional Order PID controller (FOPID) to enhance the power quality and reliability of the microgrid system. The proposed DVSI scheme is comprised of two inverters, which enables the microgrid to exchange power generated by the distributed energy resources (DERs) and also to compensate the local unbalanced and nonlinear load. The control algorithms are developed based on instantaneous symmetrical component theory (ISCT) with FOPID Controller to operate DVSI in grid sharing and grid injecting modes. The proposed scheme has increased reliability, lower bandwidth requirement of the main inverter, lower cost due to reduction in filter size, and better utilization of microgrid power while using reduced dc-link voltage rating for the main inverter. These features make the DVSI scheme a promising option for microgrid supplying sensitive loads. The topology and control algorithm are validated through extensive simulation and experimental results.

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