Intelligent Quotient based Diagnostic Approach (IQDA): a paradigm shift in science learning

Ananta Kumar Jena


The paper established a theoretical foundation of IQDA model, and put in front of the world of educationists, researchers, policy makers and the teachers to explore the relationships between IQ, and students' performance of learning. In this model, teacher first assesses the students’ IQ levels, and uses the new model of “Intelligent Quotient based Diagnostic Approach (IQDA)”. The poor performed students of the class will not be isolated in the general classroom situation; they will listen, and enjoy the class. That is why, the author developed the special guidelines to treat the children for effective science learning. The good, average and poor performed students select in the IQ test, and accordingly the each group treated with IQDA model of learning. Intelligent Quotient based Diagnostic Approach (IQDA) is a paradigm shift in science learning.

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