Study On Optimum Location Of Shear Walls In U-Shaped Building

Mohammed Imran, Md. Subhan


Shear walls are structural members used to augment the strength of RCC structures. These shear walls will be built in each level of the structure, to form an effective box structure. Equal length shear walls are placed symmetrically on opposite sides of exterior walls of the building. Shear walls are added to the building interior to provide extra strength and stiffness to the building when the exterior walls cannot provide sufficient strength and stiffness. It is necessary to provide these shear walls when the allowable span-width ratio for the floor or roof diaphragm is exceeded. The present work deals with a study on the optimum location of shear walls in U shape building. In this work a high rise building with different locations of shear walls is considered for analysis. The high rise building is analyzed for its torsion, strength and stability. The shear walls are placed such that there is no torsion in the second mode shape. The results of the analysis on the shear force, bending moment and torsion are compared. The results are presented in tabular and graphical form. The results on the drift and displacement are checked with service ability condition and are compared and presented in tabular form.

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