Experimental Studies On Durability Of Magnetic Water Concrete

Kompally Laxminarayana, Md. Subhan


The magnetic water has been used in different fields like agriculture, health care, constructions, dairy production, and oil industries. Concrete mixes designed were prepared using tap water (TW) and another set of concrete mixes designed of the same proportions were also prepared using magnetized water (MW) in the laboratory to prepare the testing specimens. Assessment of the Concrete strength was performed to determine the effect of using magnetized water. The compression parameters included the mechanical properties and the consistency of fresh concrete. The change in water surface tension and the positive results of the concrete evaluation is evidence of the positive effect of using magnetized water in preparing concrete.

Durability of concrete can be defined as the ability to perform satisfactorily in the exposure condition to which it is subjected over an intended period of time with minimum of maintenance while maintaining its desired engineering properties. No material is inherently durable; as a result of environmental interactions the microstructure and, consequently, the properties of materials change with time. A material is assumed to reach the end of service life when its properties under given conditions of use have deteriorated to an extent that the continuing use of the material is ruled either unsafe or uneconomical. Concrete ingredients, their proportioning, interactions between them, placing and curing practices, and the service environment determine the ultimate durability and life of the concrete. The present work is carried out to investigate the effect of Magnetic Water on the Durability of magnetic water concrete (M30 grade and M40 grade). Effect of magnetic water on acid immersion and freezing & thawing of magnetic water concrete are studied. It is observed that, in most cases, concrete made with magnetic water has superior durabilitythan those of normal water concrete although there is no significant difference in its composition.

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