Design and Implementation of Double Gate 8T SRAM Cell Using MTCMOS

Mohammed Imad Uddin, Nagalakshmi E. V


This paper concentrate on the dependability investigation at various draw up proportions and power dissemination of a novel low power 8T MTCMOS SRAM cell. In MTCMOS Technology the SRAM cell contains low VT (LVT) transistors and two high VT (HVT) sleep transistors for rationale usage. The power utilization duringwrite and read method of operation is less and during standby mode leakage power is insignificant in SRAM cell on account of high Vth sleep transistors. To decrease the swing voltage at the yield hubs of the bitline and bitlinebar in view of the two Additional voltage sources are utilized, one is associated with the draw up transistor as sleep and another is associated as sleepbar to pull down transistor. Both these voltages are complimentary to each other. The diminishment in swing voltage causes the lessening in unique power dispersal, low leakage power streams in MTCMOS innovation and the re-enactment consequences of proposed 8T Double gate SRAM cell utilizing MTCMOS cell have been resolved and contrasted with 8T Double gate SRAM cell and the recreation have been done in 45nm CMOS Technology utilizing Tanner EDA Tool.

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