Pattern Based Homomorphic Encryption Technique for Minimizing Computation and Communication Overhead

P.Venkata Hari Prasad, K. Gangadhara Rao, B. Basaveswara Rao


Securing private information and distribution plays a vital role in distributed environment against the unauthorized users. Server information can be distributed to the authorized users based on the user’s identity. Traditional identity based attack which breaks the user’s identity and privacy during the communication process. Existing attribute based encryption and decryption process relay on policy tree structure and number of attributes in the setup phase. Due to identity based attacks, data communication within or outside the network changed or spoofed. Network communication cost increases as the number of users within the network increases. In order to overcome identity based attacks, a new pattern based user’s identity or policy structure was implemented in this paper. In this work, each attributes along with user’s policies are defined in the form of patterns. Each pattern has three parts with three operations namely policy AND, policy OR and policy ANY. During set up phase and encryption phase each user’s profile is constructed in the form of patterns. Proposed pattern based mechanism minimizes the policy search space and decryption time during data communication. Experimental result shows that proposed approach completely protects against the identity  attacks by minimizing the communication and storage overhead.

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