“The Marginalization Of Women In Governance In Edo State Nigeria, With A Focus On The Coronation Ceremony Of An Oba In The Benin Kingdom”

Etim Ekpenyong Mfon


Coronation is a complex and sacred ritual, a process that warrants an assemblage of both physical and spiritual components. It involves a set of rites performed by a select few; hence, parts of it are not public knowledge. Women have also been exempted or restricted from partaking in some activities during the coronation of an Oba because of actual or potential ritual pollution occasioned by their monthly flow. Many African cultures have relegated women to the background for this reason. Even in present day politics in Nigeria and indeed Africa, women are still being marginalized in the political arena at all levels.  However, women have been pivotal to the success of many great kingdoms and nations. In Benin’s rich historical traditions, women such as Queen Idia and Emotan rendered selfless services towards the peace, progress, and sustainability of the Kingdom. This paper seeks to highlight the roles women play in the coronation of an Oba in Benin Kingdom despite their gender-based marginalization. 

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