Photovoltaic System Connected Isolated Three Port Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converter With Energy Storage

B. Sandhyarani, R. Sheba Rani


This project proposes a new isolated multiple input bidirectional DC-DC converter with power management. The proposed converter uses less number of switches with soft switching option for the main switch, which can be realized by using an inductor- capacitor- inductor (LCL) resonant circuit and hence zero current switching (ZCS) can be achieved. It can manage the power with PV panel, rechargeable battery, and load.

 The PV system is connected to unidirectional port and the battery is connected to bidirectional port. Isolated multi port converter which contains transformer, and it is used for high voltage regulation ratio. The operating principle of battery, charging and discharging is explained by using different modes. The main objective is to regulate the output DC link voltage to a constant value and also to manage the power for the sources. MATLAB/ SIMULINK is used for design and simulation of the proposed system.

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