User Level Simulation of Scheduling Algorithms in Multicore

Dhruva R. Rinku, M. AshaRani, N. Kavya


Scheduler is an object of the kernel which allocates available resources to the process. It works differently for single core and multicore processors. In single core, scheduler allots the processes to CPU one at a time concurrently. In single core architecture it is time consuming process for execution of more number of processes. Performance can be improved by executing the processes parallel in multicore, scheduler allots simultaneously processes to each core for execution. There are different scheduling algorithms which are used to schedule the processes in multicore. In multicore the result of scheduling criteria is different for each scheduling algorithms. In this project we have proposed and observed the simulation of different scheduling algorithms at user level for single core and multicore and compared the different metrics like average waiting time, turnaround time, CPU utilization and number of context switches in graphical manner and also observed the improved performance of scheduler in multicore environment...

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