Chemical Quality of Groundwater in Shivna River Basin, North Western Region of Madhya Pradesh, India

Shyam Lal Bamniya, Vinita Kulshreshtha, Pramendra Dev


The Groundwater is a essential source for domestic and agriculture use and all over life on the world. The chemical quality investigation of groundwater in Shivna River Basin, North –western region Madhya Pradesh, India main objective of the present study.55 ground water samples collected from the open dug wells of the Shivna River Basin. Physical characters include determination of colour, taste, odour, turbidity, pH, Total Dissolved Solids and Total Hardness. The chemical analysis involves the determinations of ionic concentrations of both cations and anions. The analyzed physico - chemical parameters have been used for the delineation of ground water suitability for various applications such as domestic, drinking and irrigation. The ranges pH = 5.7 -9.8, Specific conductivity= 430 - 671 micro mhos/cm, Total Hardness= 250 -1380, Total dissolved solids= 246 -1250, Calcium =22.00 -515.00 ppm, Magnesium =18 -350, Sodium= 68 -152 ppm, Potassium =1.00 -5.00 ppm, Chlorides = 180.00 -1300 ppm, Sulphate=82 -330 mg/l Carbonate and Bi-Carbonate=15.09 -41.03 ppm, Nitrate, 13- 49 .

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