Advertisements & Emotional Appeal: Influence People to Get to Buy

Ravinder Singh


Advertising is an audio-visual form that makes a communication possible with customers. It is a process to influence consumers gets to buy a particular product. Advertising is a kind of process that fascinates people and having different moments that flirt with their lives, seduces them, provoke them and leave them with the beautiful images and dreams. They have mission to connect with the consumer, the thrill and challenges they have is how to informing and persuading them. Keeping customers need in mind they are presenting advertising which is more persuasive, understandable and entertaining and emotional as well. Yes, this is not about the movies only that provide emotions, feelings or relationships through audio and visuals. Advertisers also accept the fact that if nothing will work, there are certain things that will help to attract attention of the consumer. A new term that has been added in the advertising world is emotional appeal, as an influencing factor to get people to buy. Advertising is emerging as a medium which helps people to set their standard of living by nourishing their consuming power and also showing them the goals of a better home, attire, food for their family. This paper concludes with an attempt to bring out the current emotional advertising appeal to influence people.

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