Fate in Kieslowski’s Red and Allen’s Irrational Man

Chung Chin-Yi


Coincidences are too coincidental to just be chance or even good luck. There has to be some mystical, supernatural or theological source influencing these unfathomably deep life-decisions. The study book fell and opened at the page of the exam question is another example of this. Or the moment the old judge spoke his heart to the young woman, the wind outside the opera house suddenly slams the open doors and breaks the windows. The gigantic picture of the young woman happens to predict the one on TV, after the drowning accident on her Canal crossing trip. There is just no luck as is constantly brought up in the film only God’s will  and divine providence. Luck will run out and turn against you and force you to take responsibility for your own crimes and sins.It is truly only God and divine justice forcing Abe Lucas to take responsibility for his murder in the end.Divine providence or God’s justice is relentless and overpowers any of man’s efforts to take justice into his own hands as with Abe Lucas’ murder of the judge.

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