DFIG for Controlling Reactive Power in Wind Turbine Systems

G. Isaac, P V Samrat


Doubly fed induction turbines (DFIG) based wind turbine is an emerging generation, which becomesincreasingly famous because of its diverse blessings over fixed velocity generator systems. A DFIG primarily based wind turbine hasan potential to generate most electricity with varying and adjustable speed, capacity to control energetic and reactive powerby the mixing of electronic electricity converters, low electricity rating of price converter additives, and so forth. Thisstudy gives an overview and literature survey over beyond few decades on the specific problems related due topenetration of WT-DFIG inside the strength device and control factors of DFIG.The doubly-fedinduction generator (DFIG) is widely used in wind farms because it has many blessings. The reactive powercontrol is particularly carried out with the aid of  modes, i.e. Electricity component control and voltage manipulate.

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