Self-Configuration And Smart Control System

V. Karthik Kumar, Padala. Shravan


The development of wireless communications technology was proposed for detection appliances and radar information and home appliances monitoring, control. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) made a remarkable change in the electronic industry the system that has developed with wireless sensor networks have grown to be more and more to watch and manage situational information for various intelligent services. The design and development of the monitoring and controlling system of electrical appliances in real-time reported within this project. In this project we primarily monitors the information of sensors such as LDR, PIR, gas temp and humidity then based on the sensor information it control the  parameters of household home appliances. The system that was developed is a low-cost and high reliable functioning and with this we can save electricity cost of most effective. The other sensors gas, humidity, pir and Temp are used to collect the information of various objects. Information can be collected from house hold objects. The prototype to be tested in various zones and atmospheric conditions will provide the results in better understanding of project and working standards of experimental objects of the defined system.

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