Magnetically Levitated Building

S. Deepak, C. Ramesh, R. Sethurman


Innovations have started playing a predominant role in human’s life. The new innovation forms the tomorrow’s technology. Likewise we have come up with a new innovation using Magnets, An Building which is Magnetically Levitated.

Just imagine, if you’re standing on a bench. Four people are shaking that bench. So to withstand that you can jump again and again on the bench. So that you can sustain in the bench. In this situation, you will come to know, how did you withstand the shaking? While shaking you jump, you just go to the floating position (in air) for a second and then you come back to normal position. Likewise you do repeatedly, so if you’re floating in air you don’t get any damages. This is the main concept of the topic. So to levitate something in air, there is only one method called repulsion force which is found in magnets. Magnet helps to levitate some load. So applying a uniformly distributed load in the magnet, we can hold a building in a magnet. But to levitate a building, there should very high flux density material. Two magnets are polarized with same poles. Now a base plate which is kept at the bottom and a floating plate, in which a building is rested. During earthquake, the base plate moves with respect to the earthquake direction. The floating building feels a slight jerk. The shake will be like a small jerk which occurs in the ship. So hence this is one of the solution for earthquake resistant structure.

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