Control of Reactive Power in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine System

R. Chander, Menchu Sreepunya


Doubly fed induction generators (DFIG) based wind turbine is an emerging technology, which becomes increasingly popular due to its various advantages over fixed speed generator systems. A DFIG based wind turbine has an ability to generate maximum power with varying and adjustable speed, ability to control active and reactive power by the integration of electronic power converters, low power rating of cost converter components, and so on. This study presents an overview and literature survey over past few decades on the different problems associated due to penetration of WT-DFIG in the power system and control aspects of DFIG.The doubly-fedinduction generator (DFIG) is widely used in wind farms because it has many advantages. The reactive powercontrol is mainly achieved by two modes, i.e. power factor control and voltage control.

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