The Impact of Store Environmental Factors on Customer’s Impulse Buying Behaviour: Fashion Stores in Colombo District, Sri Lanka

W.H.T. Madhuhansi


Impulse buying behavior is an unplanned and spontaneous purchase. Among different types of buying behaviors of consumers, impulse buying behavior has been identified as one of the critical and beneficial buying behaviors by marketers and researchers all around the world and the number of researches done on impulsive buying behavior has been increased during last 60 years. This research is conducted with the purpose of identifying the impact made by store environmental factors on consumer buying behavior of fashion outlets in Colombo district. Background music, lighting, employee presence and perceived crowding were considered as the independent variables and Data was collected through a distribution of structured and self-administered questionnaire from a sample of 152 customers. Regression analysis was used to analyze data and background music and employee presence were found as the factors with significant impacts on impulse buying behavior. 

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