Performance Analysis of Multiflux Induction Motor for Optimum Efficiency and Power Factor Using Genetic Algorithm

Chithambaraiah Setty K, M. Vel swamy


The squirrel-cage Induction motors (SCIMs) are widely used in most of the industrial and commercial applications because of their rugged low cost constriction. About 80% of induction motor plays a vital role to increase the economy of the developing countries. However when oversized, most of the motor operate with low efficiency and power factor (PF). The average energy consumed by a motor during its life cycle is about 40-80 times of the initial cost. It is very essentialto maintain the efficiency and PF of the motor withinthe desired levelduring variable load condition. In this paper a design optimization method is proposed where the optimal design of multi flux stator winding is shown to improve motor efficiency and PF in a wide load range is proposed using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm and finally to achieve optimal design parameters of SCIM which produce maximum efficiency, power factor and with less losses. The implementation of this algo-rithm is more efficient and also it can be handling effectively. The important of this work is highlighted comparing with resent research and the results are discussed.

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