Punjab Polity in the Earlier Decade of Eighteenth Century- A Historical Review

Mr. Amit


Guru Gobind Singh prepared the ground for the political developments in the end of seventeenth century by establishment of Khalsa. Guru Gobind Singh choose Banda Singh Bahadur to lead Sikhs in Punjab. Banda Singh started with few companions but bacause he was looked up by the defeder of the faith and companion of the oppressed. He was joined by thousands of Sikhs to punish the tyrant Mughals and their forces. Banda Singh fought bravely and created such a will in the ordinary masses to resist tyranny that he developed the Mughal forces in battle after battle and laid the foundation of the Sikh empire, and in 1710 established Khalsa Raj in Punjab. He abolished the Zamidari system and treated everybody justly and equally. Enraged by the success and popularity of Banda Singh, the Mughal emperor ordered the government of Lahore and other governors of ajjoining area to collectively orgnize themselves and to destroy the power of Banda Bahadur. Banda Singh along with around seven hundreds of Sikhs was captured and taken to Delhi where all the captured Sikhs were brutally put to death publicly over a period of few days.

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