Awareness and Satisfaction of E-Governance in Haryana: An Analysis

Pinki Yadav


         E-Governance is the process of changing the way government works, share information, engage citizens and deliver services for the benefits of government. ICT i.e. information and communication technology provides communication i.e. faster and accurate, and further provides adequate storage with the use of computer, electronics devices and software application. Basically e-governance is an application of ICT. E-Governance provides citizens to access government services and information by electronics means. India is a nascent country having egalitarian federalization and to boost the participatory approach E-Governance was initiated in early seventies. E-Governance is fundamentally an application of ICTs (Information & Communication Technologies) that uses in Government & Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to endow with services. Haryana Government had implemented a number of projects at district, tehsil and sub-tehsil levels to serve its people. But due to some reasons, rural populace are not vigilant about these projects and their services. Therefore these projects are suffering from their bad execution. This research paper describes the factors like awareness of rural citizens about e-Governance projects, satisfaction of citizens from these running projects etc. in the Gohana Tehsil. The primary data has been collected with the help of questionnaire. All the kind of information has been collected and found that very few persons are know about the benefit of e- governance. So it is very much necessary to aware the peoples about the merits of e –governance. The detail analysis of the study has been given in full paper.

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