Influence of Super plasticizer on The Properties of High Strength Concrete.

Rayavaram Girish, Shaik. Fazul


This paper outlines an experimental study that measures the effects of superplasticizer admixture on proprieties of concrete. However, Superplasticizers are the most important admixtures enhancing concrete performance. The development of new superplasticizers during the last decades has determined the most important progress in the field of concrete structures. Hence, an experimental investigation was conducted to determine the optimum dosage for the admixtures and to study the effect of over dosage of the mentioned admixtures. Concrete mixes with SP dosages of 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 ml/100kg of cement were prepared, together with one control mixes. After casting, normal curing was carried out on the concrete samples. Properties such as compressive strength were determined, besides determining the workability of the fresh concrete. However, compressive strength is improved by dosage 1.0 Of SP after 28 days curing is 55 N/mm2, which is higher than that of control concrete, the optimum amount of admixture must be 1 %. Over dosage of SP found to deteriorate the properties of concrete with indication of lower compressive strength. However, if the dosage levels are lower than the optimum dosage, increase in admixture dosage might help to enhance the concrete characteristics.

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