Factors Affecting for Consumer Switching Behaviour from Toilet Soap to Face wash reference to Female segment in Kandy District

R.M.U.R.K Rathnayaka


Face wash can be identified as an essential object in the today’s both female and male market segments for the cleansing purpose. Huge number of different varieties has come in to the market and with different features and unique benefits the so called brands have secured their share in the market place. With the huge marketing campaigns comprised with online and offline promotions, the face wash products have replaced the toilet soap as an instant cleansing way of the busy lives of the people. Accordingly, the current study has focused  to identify the reasons for the boom in face wash market and to understand what factors have motivate the soap users to switch from soap to face wash in their cleansing purposes. Use of face wash for face cleansing purpose has become the current trend among female segment. But prior to face wash, almost every female used soap for their face cleansing needs. The research problem was based on finding factors which have motivated consumers heavily in switching from soap to face wash.The sample size of the research was 150 female respondents. The data collection for the research was carried out through the questionnaire survey method. The statistical frame work used in analyzing the data were mean, median and mode and the formulated hypotheses for the research was tested using correlation analysis. The data presentation was carried through pie charts and frequency data table. Advertising, Word of Mouth communication, Product related attributes and the Celebrity endorsement have taken as the independent variables of the study and the switching behavior has taken as the dependent variable of the study. Four hypotheses built up for the study and from the study, it has found that, there’s a significant impact of Advertising, Word of Mouth communication, and Celebrity endorsement to the switching behavior of the female segment in Kandy

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