Performance Analysis of High Step up Resonant Converter Based PV fed Induction Motor Drive

Sakinala Govardhan


Solar energy is one the most available energy nowadays. This paper deals with the power extracted from sun using PV panel. This paper proposes a new low cost converter- inverter drive system for induction motor.  In those places, the unavailability of electric power rules out through conventional systems. Use of photovoltaic energy is one of the solution for this problem. Voltage from the PV array is the input to the converter. In the converter-inverter system, it proposes a Dual Inductor Converter consisting of a resonant tank, voltage doubler rectifier which act as a DC-DC boost converter. The output of the converter system is given to the inverter system. SPWM control is used to trigger the IGBT’s in the inverter. But the voltage from the PV cell is not constant which varies according to the solar radiation. MPPT control is provided; it maximizes the power output from a PV module or array with varying operating conditions, and therefore maximizes the system efficiency. To obtain the maximum power extracting efficiency perturb and observe maximum power point tracking algorithm is introduced for the controlling of converter. The system is simulated in Matlab/Simulink.

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