Synthesis and Rheological Characterisation of the Natural gum Polysaccharide and Acrylic acid based hydrogels

Ankur gor, Pragnesh N. Dave


Gum ghatti and poly (acrylic acid) based hydrogels prepared by free radical polymerization reaction initiated by initiator of potassium per sulphate (KPS) and N, N, MBA used as crosslinker. In this work, we prepared hydrogels by using Gum ghatti as natural gum polysaccharide with a variation of concentration of crosslinker. In rheology characterization, hydrogels systems exhibit the shear thinning flow behavior. Frequency sweep carried out in the linear viscoelastic regime (LVR). Frequency sweep results revealed that the storage modulus increased with angular frequency as compared to loss modulus. Furthermore, the temperature sweep performed at 15 0C to 950C. It can be observed that the storage modulus increased as temperature was increasing.

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