A Combined Method for Synthesis of Stable Ferrofluids

Deepak Sharma, Jenish Barot, Shibu G. Pillai


Ferrofluid is a colloidal suspension of single domain ferromagnetic nanoparticles dispersed in a carrier fluid. Ferrofluids have been an interesting matter for scientists in different fields due to their unique characteristics of showing change in their physical properties under the influence of magnetic field. However, they have not been commercialized yet at a great level. The primary reason for this is the lack of stability in ferrofluids against agglomeration and gravitational sedimentation of the magnetic nanoparticles. There are different factors that determine the stability of ferrofluids; some of them are: type and size of the magnetic nanoparticles, type of surfactant, type of carrier fluid, method of coating, etc. There are methods of synthesis those keep some of these factors in consideration, however, there are not many methods in existence those can incorporate all of these factors. To develop a method that can incorporate majority, if not all, of these factors and can provide good stability, we have presented the results of our literature review in this paper by incorporating crucial steps from different methods of synthesis of ferrofluids and suggesting a method as a combination of all these crucial steps required for the synthesis of stable ferrofluids.

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