Create Space for Girls’ Education

Sushma H.B.


Indian education system is a biggest system in the world, where primary, middle, secondary, higher secondary and college plays a vital role in sharpening the personality of individual. As India ranks second in its population among all countries and also being under developing, still it is a home for largest illiterates. The only weapon which can remove this dark spot is education. Thus education is a stepping stone in once life which transforms illiterates to literates. In this pertain one must not neglect the importance of educating a girl child. As girls’ education is very important for the country to fully develop. Ignoring and keeping a girl illiterate means we are creating an ignorant and illiterate future generation. An attempt has been made to expose how Nation can find its progress by educating girls’. The main objectives of the study are to highlight barriers and advantages of girl child education. Further suggestions have been made as to how girls’ education helps in sustainable development and the implementation.

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