P2P Networks Routing Techniques for Unstructured Networks

K Laxmi Bhavani, T R Raghavendra Gupta


Finding an archive or asset in an unstructured distributed system can be an exceedingly difficult issue. In this paper we propose a query routing approach that accounts for arbitrary overlay topologies, nodes with heterogeneous processing capacity, e.g., reflecting their degree of altruism, and heterogenous class-based likelihoods of query resolution at nodes which may reflect inquiry loads and the way in which files/assets are distributed across the network. The approach is shown to be stabilize the query load subject to a grade of service constraint, i.e., a guarantee that inquiries' courses meet pre-specified class-based limits on their associated a priori probability of query resolution. An explicit portrayal of the limit locale for such frameworks is given and numerically contrasted with that related with irregular walk based quests. Reproduction comes about further demonstrate the performance benefits, interms of mean delay, of the proposed approach. Additional aspects associated with reducing complexity, estimating parameters, and adaptation to class-based query resolution probabilities and traffic loads are considered.

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