Structural Analysis Of Tig Welded Joints Of Inconel 718 Using Ansys

Jalli Kantharao, Ch. Syam Kumar, V.V.S. Nageswararao


Welded joints have wide applications in construction industries as well as in engineering constructions such as bridges, boilers, pressure vessels, piping systems, ships, and Automobile industries. In spite of having wide applications major challenges with welded joints are welded structures may weak at joint due to stress concentration factor and knowing properties at welded joints.

             In this regard welded joints of aluminium and steel alloys materials are analysed so far. Hence in the present study Inconel 718 of T- joint and butt joints investigated using ANSYS. The finite element method is used for the analysis of T joints and butt joints in the plane stress conditions, under static load. Stresses in Inconel-718 welded joints are calculated by using Ansys.

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