Corporate Social Responsibility: A Stepping stone For Employer Branding

Manju Devi


Corporate social responsibility is emerging as a new field in the management research. It is gaining more and more importance day by day. It is not just for large scale companies but also used by small scale and non-profit organizations. In India many firms have taken the initiatives of corporate social responsibility practices which have met with different needs of the society as a whole. Changing market scenario, globalization, ethical consumerism all are adding heat to the CSR concept. More and more organizations are showing their commitments towards CSR either for enhancing their corporate image or to be in competition. The paper shows that how corporate social responsibilities (CSR) are helpful in increasing employer branding. Other way we can say how Corporate Social Responsibility activity work as a milestone for employer branding. The research paper has been an attempt to generate awareness and to understand meaning, concept, significance and how it is work as a tool for employer branding and meaning of employer branding. This research paper is based on secondary data. Data has been collected from number of articles, books, periodicals and websites. 

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