Design And Analysis Of Material Handling Mechanism For Lifting And Transporting Of Propellar Shaft By Fem

Bidakoti Sruthi, G.Vinod Reddy


The material handling plays a important role in  the manufacturing systems hence material handling affects overall system performance. The main aim of the project is to design a mechanism for lifting of propeller shaft from storage area to working area. The major problem in manual handling is due to the length of the propeller respectively are 1000mm to 1500mm and 25-50kgs weight. Hence two persons are required for the purpose of lifting. This manual handling has to be totally replaced by perfect transporting and lifting mechanism. So we use sliding arms mechanism is proposed for the purpose of lifting.

 The designing of the mechanism is carried out by using a mechanical software such as CATIA and meshing is done by hypermesh software and the analysis is done by ANSYS software. The automatic material handling mechanism for transporting propeller shaft sigificantly decreases producton time and the labour cost in the present manufacturing approach. Also the automatic material handling improves the production efficiency and reduces  the human effort. The FEM analysis describes that,  the mechanical stresses and deformation are within safelimits and hence  the design is safe for both strength and rigidity point of view and hence the manufacturing is carried out by using automatic material handling.

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