A Sensor-Based Device To Monitor The Kitchen

Shaik Kamlapuram Mujeebullah, G Praveena


Using the advancements in Internet technologies and Wireless Sensor Systems (WSN), a brand new trend within the era of ubiquity has been recognized. Kitchen atmosphere monitoring is among the important measures to become carefully supervised in tangible-here we are at safety, security and luxury of individuals. This technique finds a large application in places that physical presence isn't feasible constantly. The ZigBee tool and ARM1176JZF-S microcontroller are utilized within the implementation of sensor module. The machine provides a complete, inexpensive, effective and easy to use method of real-time monitoring and handheld remote control of kitchen. AT Instructions to GSM MODEM or if you take the steps needed in user email that is password protected. The concerned authority can control the machine through his cell phone by delivering. The machine primarily monitors kitchen atmosphere parameters for example light intensity, 70 degrees, fire recognition, motion recognition and LPG gas level, and continues to be developed. The development and design of the wise monitoring and controlling system for kitchen atmosphere instantly continues to be reported within this paper. The machine can monitor the status of kitchen and send an e-mail and/or perhaps an alert SMS via GSM network instantly, when the conditions get abnormal, to some concerned government bodies cell phone. Customers can monitor and control transducers on active.

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