Portable Roadside Sensors for Vehicle Counting, Classification, And Speed Measurement

Kolukulapally Ramesh, P. Rajeshwar


This Project focuses on the development of a portable roadside magnetic sensor system for vehicle counting, classification, and speed measurement. The earliest magnetic field detectors allowed navigation over trackless oceans by sensing the earth’s magnetic poles. Magnetic field sensing has vastly expanded as industry has adapted a variety of magnetic sensors to detect the presence, strength, or direction of magnetic fields not only from the earth, but also from permanent magnets, magnetized soft magnets, vehicle disturbances, brain wave activity, and fields generated from electric currents. Magnetic sensors can measure these properties without physical contact and have become the eyes of many industrial and navigation control systems. This paper will describe the current state of magnetic sensing within the earth’s field range and how these sensors are applied. Several applications will be presented for magnetic sensing in systems with emphasis on vehicle detection and navigation based on magnetic fields.

The IR transmitter and receiver are mounted on the both sides of the highway such that the rays from transmitter fall on the receiver. When a vehicle passes through IR system, it acts as an obstacle between transmitter and receiver sections .This will be fed to the microcontroller which counts the number of vehicles as well as speed of the vehicles and displays on LCD. And this project can classify the vehicle using 3 LDR sensors arranged at road side and then this status will update to traffic unit through IOT (Internet of things), here ARM7 Microcontroller is programmed using Embedded C language.

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