Petroleum Prospectively and Explorative Studies; A Case Study of Niger Delta Basin Nigeria



In recent times, there has been a growing need to understand as well as evaluate fluid movement, pressure and temperature changes as hydrocarbon is produced in any field in the oil and industry. This has made the acquisition of 4D seismic important. In this study, time-lapse Lion of hydrocarbon production using rock properties and attributes obtained from well and 4D seismic data comprising of two 3D seismic volumes acquired at different times, has been successfully applied in an offshore Niger Delta field. Cross-plots of the rock attributes were carried out on reservoir D2000 across three wells, to test their sensitivity to fluid type lithology, and to constrain the interpretation of the time-lapse inversion results. Lambda-rho, density, and P-impedance gave the best response to fluid among the cross-plotted attributes. Therefore, rock properties and attribute analysis can give Geoscientists greater confidence towards understanding fluid movement and better reserviour characterization over time.

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