Contribution of Physical Education: An Overview

Naveen Sangwan


Educators are continually looking for ways to improve the way students learn. One area that has been studied in an attempt to find out more about how students learn is that of Physical Education. Many aspects of Physical Education have been examined with each offering various positive and negative results that provide information to help educators best understand their students. However, the amount of Physical Education being taught is dwindling in many schools as extra time is afforded to other academic subjects. It is important to not only consider what is being taught in Physical Education in schools, but also the perceptions students have towards this subject. The reason it is so crucial to consider the attitudes and perceptions students have towards Physical Education is that the “students‟ attitudes to PE may influence their participation in PE at school as well as organized sports outside school”. The perceptions a person has on a topic can influence what they do. In a study it is frankly clear that traditionally the opinions students have about learning have been overlooked. However, this has recently been changing and more research has been completed that examines students views or attitudes. This research paper examined the perceptions of students and teachers about how Physical Education is both taught and received. 

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