Control Cloud Data Access Privilege and Anonymity With Hybrid Based Encryption

Mynapati Lakshmi Prasudha, M. Gangappa


Cloud computing is a revolutionary computing worldview, which enables adaptable, on-demand, and minimal effort utilization of computing resources, however the data is outsourced to some cloud servers, and different privacy concerns rise up out of it. Distinctive plans in view of the attribute based encryption have been proposed to secure the cloud storage. In any case, most work concentrates on the data contents privacy and the access control, while less attention is paid to the advantage control and the identity privacy. In this paper, we exhibit a semi-anonymous benefit control plot AnonyControl to address the information security, as well as the client identity privacy in existing access control schemes. AnonyControl decentralizes the focal specialist to constrain the identity spillage and accordingly accomplishes semianonymity. Besides, it also wholes up the record get to control to the advantage control, by which advantages of all operations on the cloud information can be regulated in a fine-grained way. Thus, we present the AnonyControl-F, which totally keeps the identity spillage and fulfill the full anonymity. Our security analysis shows that both AnonyControl and AnonyControl-F are secure under the decisional bilinear Diffie-Hellman assumption, and our execution assessment shows the common sense of our plans.

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