Revocable Storage Identity Based Encryption and Sharing Information in Cloud



- Cloud computing offers a flexible and convenient way to share data, which provides diverse benefits to society and people. But there is a natural resistance for users to directly outsource shared data to the cloud server because the data often contains valuable information. Therefore, it is necessary to place a cryptographically improved access control in the shared data. Identity-based encryption is a promising cryptographic primitive for building a convenient data exchange system. However, access control is not static. That is, when the authorization of certain users has expired, there must be a mechanism that can eliminate it from the system.

Therefore, the revoked user can not access the shared data previously and subsequently. To this end, we propose a concept called encryption based on the revocable storage identity (RS-IBE), which can provide forward / backward security of the encrypted text by simultaneously presenting the user's revocation and update characteristics. encrypted day In addition, we present a concrete RS-IBE construction and test its security in the defined security model. The performance comparisons indicate that the proposed RS-IBE system has advantages in terms of functionality and efficiency and that, therefore, it is possible to establish a practical and cost-effective data exchange system. Finally, we provide the results of the implementation of the proposed system to demonstrate its viability.

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