Savings and Investment Pattern of Households in Kurnool District, India

R. Raveendranath, R. Ravi


Attitude of Individual households towards money diverge greatly. People exhibit different behavior towards savings and have disparities in earning levels. Investment is the primary concern of every individual investor as their small savings of today will provide security for the future expenses. In this paper an attempt is made to analyze the saving objective, investment pattern and preferences of individual investors for various investment options available in India. The study used a structured questionnaire in which 100 potential investors from Kurnool District (India) were asked for their reactions under some specific circumstances. The result of the study reveals that, objective to saving is significantly influenced by demographic factors such as age, occupation and the income level of investors. The study also shows the saving habit of individual investors across the different income levels. Savings habit is especially alive into women. It was found that female investors tend to save in a more disciplined way than the male investors. It was observed that women save more than the male as the income level rises. From the research point of view, such a study will help in developing and spreading the knowledge in the area of personal finance.

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