An Efficient and Encasement of Stone column with Geo-grid in Clayey Soils

Bhukya Ramu


Stone columns are extensively utilized to enhance the bearing capacity of very poor ground and minimize the settlement of structures designed on them. A stone column is among the dirt stabilization approaches that are used to boost strength,decrease the compressibility of loose and soft fine graded soils, speed up a consolidation result and minimize the liquefaction potential of soils.Improvement of subgrade making use of conventional designstrategies which are actually preloading, dredging, and dirt displacement strategies, among all these techniques, the Stone columnmethod is actually preferred since the main part of reinforcement is provided by it and also to boost the strength and lowers the settlement.when stone column packed in smooth Clay undergoes increased bulging due to insufficient lateralassistance from the neighboring Clay soil.To stay away from increased bulging, Stone column is actually encased with geogrids.In presentanalysis experiments accomplished on Stone column with as well as with no encasement.

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